About Me

Hey, I'm Toni, a seasoned digital marketing strategist with a passion for leveraging telecommunication tools to build vibrant communities. With a track record of exceeding ROI goals and managing multimillion-dollar media budgets, I've honed my skills in directing omnichannel media and crafting innovative strategies for non-profit partnerships.

My journey in the digital realm started at the top two global agencies, but I soon realized my true calling: fusing my expertise with my values. Today, I'm driven by a commitment to community building, employing telecommunication tools to bridge connections and foster meaningful interactions.

Team Building
Team Building

Why Work With Me?

From leading groundbreaking research projects to optimizing digital campaigns, I've consistently delivered results. My experiences span managing diverse teams, generating new business, and exceeding revenue projections. I've not only managed substantial media budgets but also contributed to the design of dynamic automation tools and the implementation of emerging technologies.

As a UNCC alum with a degree in Marketing & Innovation, I've cultivated a robust skill set, earning certifications in Google Ads and marketing technologies. My proficiency extends to web languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and SQL.